Dealing with an Injured Cat

Dealing with an injured cat can be tricky, especially when the cat is scared. Learn about dealing with an injured cat, from how to transport it to how to administer oral medication.

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How to Approach an Injured Cat

Cats are often frightened when they are injured. Therefore, approaching your cat carefully is the key, even if the animal is normally docile. Learn how to approach an injured cat.

How to Restrain an Injured Cat

Restraining an injured cat is a great technique to learn to help your pet. How you approach the cat depends on whether he or she is cooperative or uncooperative. Learn to restrain an injured cat.

How to Transport an Injured Cat

Cat care includes tending to your pet when it is injured. The cat can be transported held in your arms or placed in a box or on a stretcher. Learn to transport an injured cat.

How to Administer Oral Medication to a Cat

Administering oral medication is important when tending to your sick cat. Cats don't like taking medicines any more than children do. Learn how to administer oral medications to your cat.