Curassow, a forest bird of Central and South America. The curassow looks something like a chicken and is about the size of a turkey. It has a heavy body, short wings, a long, broad tail, and a strong bill. On top of the head is a crest of erect feathers that curve forward.

Curassows roost in trees at night. During the day, they feed on fruit, plant matter, and insects. Curassows are hunted for their meat, which tastes like turkey. The great curassow, found from Mexico to Ecuador, reaches a length of 38 inches (97 cm). The male is shiny black with white underparts, He has a yellow bill with a fleshy protuberance at its base. The female is dull brown with white bars on the feathers.

Curassows belong to the family Cracidae. The great curassow is Crax rubra .