Guinea Fowl, a bird related to the pheasant. It is native to Africa, but has been domesticated in the United States and other countries. The common guinea fowl is about the size of a small plump hen. Its naked head is topped by a bony ridge. The bird has slate-gray plumage dotted with round white spots. White and lavender varieties are also raised. The guinea fowl's flesh resembles the flesh of wild game in color and flavor. Guinea fowl were originally kept by farmers because their noisy cries warn other poultry of approaching danger.

The guinea fowlThe guinea fowl is the size of a small plump hen.
Which bird wears a helmet?

As its name suggests, the helmeted guineafowl has a “helmet” on its head. A helmet is a hard hat that construction workers, bike riders, and other people wear to protect their heads. The guineafowl’s “helmet” is a hard, bony lump on its head. Male guineafowl will use this bony growth to butt another male that is trying to take its mate.

The common guinea fowl is Numida meleagris of the family Numididae.