Hoatzin, a crested bird of tropical South America. The adult hoatzin is about 22 inches (56 cm) long. Its upper plumage is dark brown flecked with white. The underparts and crest are reddish-brown. The bare skin on its face is blue. Hoatzins are born with two claws on each wing, which are used for climbing and which disappear after three weeks. The hoatzin has a large, two-part crop, used for storage and digestion of the rubbery leaves of the arum plant, its main source of food. The hoatzin is also called “stinkbird” because of the strong, musty odor it emits.

The hoatzin is Opisthocomus hoatzin of the family Opisthocomidae.

The hoatzinThe hoatzin is a crested bird with dark plumage and a blue face.