Freshwater fish live in lakes, rivers, ponds and streams. Common freshwater fish include carp, bass, trout and catfish.

How to Fly Fish

When you know how to fly fish you know how to enjoy the great outdoors. Learn about how to fly fish in this article.

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  • Archerfish


    Archerfish is a common name for a family of tropical fish native to the waters of southeastern Asia and northern Australia. Read on to learn more. See more »

  • Blackfish


    Blackfish is a term used for any of several unrelated fish. The Alaska blackfish, found in Arctic and sub-Arctic fresh waters, grows to 7 inches (18 cm) in length. See more »

  • Bluegill


    The bluegill is a freshwater fish of the sunfish group. Bluegills are among the largest of the sunfish, reaching a weight of one pound (454 g) or more. See more »

  • Buffalo Fish

    Buffalo Fish

    The buffalo fish is a North American fish belonging to the sucker family. It is found from Canada to Mexico, chiefly in the lakes and rivers of the Mississippi Valley. See more »

  • Carp


    Carp is the name of a group of freshwater fish. The common, or German, carp is about two feet (60 cm) long and weighs 25 pounds (11.3 kg) or more. See more »

  • Climbing Perch

    Climbing Perch

    The climbing perch (also called Climbing Gourami and Walking Fish), is a freshwater fish that comes out of the water to breathe air for hours at a time. Read on for more information. See more »

  • Crappie


    The crappie is a freshwater fish related to the perch and sunfish. It is a popular food fish. See more »

  • Dace


    Dace is a name used for many different species of freshwater fish belonging to the minnow and carp family. Read on to learn more information. See more »

  • Darter


    Darter is a name for a group of small fish of the perch family. Darters swim about in short dashes, propelled by fins on the breast. See more »

  • Freshwater Sunfish

    Freshwater Sunfish

    Sunfish is a common name for a family of mostly small freshwater fish. Sunfish is also the name of a large ocean fish. See more »

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