The 10 Most Dangerous Sharks


Bull Shark

The bull shark's statistics are pretty impressive. With a total of 121 attacks, which includes 25 unprovoked fatal attacks, this shark has already earned its spot as one of the three most dangerous sharks. The bull shark is as aggressive as its name implies, and one of its victims has described an attack as similar to being hit by a truck [source: McCarthy].

Technically, the tiger shark surpasses the bull shark in terms of numbers of attacks and fatalities. But many researchers think that the bull shark gets off easy in terms of statistics and may actually be responsible for many of the attacks pinned on tiger sharks and great white sharks. Most notably, the 1916 shark attacks on the New Jersey coast, thought to be the inspiration for "Jaws," were more likely conducted by a bull shark, rather than the great white that took the blame [source: Parker].

The bull shark is dangerous simply because it's more likely to come into contact with humans than some of these other sharks. It can live in both salt and freshwater, and the bull has been spotted in water so shallow that humans are walking around in it. What's more, they're fairly territorial about their homes, so a person out for a simple stroll could be agitating bull sharks without even knowing it.

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