Hawk, a bird of prey found in most parts of the world. Hawks belong to the same family as eagles and kites and are closely related to falcons, ospreys, and vultures. They have strong talons (claws) for catching and holding prey while they tear the flesh with their sharp, curved beaks. Hawks have powerful wings and keen eyesight. They are swift fliers and can soar for long periods.

HawksHawks soar high in the air searching for prey.

Hawks vary considerably in size according to the species. The female is usually larger and stronger than the male. Hawks vary in color to some extent, but most are gray or reddish brown on top and whitish underneath. They usually have darker spots or streaks on the neck, breast, and legs and darker bars on the tail and wings. Their legs are feathered, in some species right down to the toes. Usually the bills are black, the feet yellow, and the talons black.