John Dory, or John Doree, a saltwater food fish. It is found in the eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean; a very similar species is found in the western Pacific. The John Dory has a thin, oval body with long dorsal spines and a wide mouth; it grows up to 26 inches (66 cm) in length. There is a dark spot on each side of its yellow to olive-green body. Its flesh is white and firm. The American John Dory, a related species found in the western Atlantic, is similar in appearance to the European and Pacific species except that its color is silver.

John Dories belong to the family Zeidae. The European John Dory is Zeus faber; the Pacific, Z. japonicus; and the American, Zenopsis ocellata.

The John DoryThe John Dory is a saltwater food fish with thin, long dorsal spines.