Saltwater fish are the most beautiful fish in the world. They range from the majestic marlin to the funny-looking flounder, and the goliath grouper to the tiny blenny, and just about everything in between.


The bluefish is a saltwater fish found along the Atlantic coast from southern Canada to the southern tip of South America.

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  • How do stingrays kill?

    How do stingrays kill?

    World-famous "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin, died on Monday, September 5, in a shocking accident with a stingray. But Stingray-related fatalities are almost unheard of, so what happened? Find out. See more »

  • How Giant Oarfish Work

    How Giant Oarfish Work

    King of the herrings! What regal creature would have such a majestic history? It's the giant oarfish, and it's surfaced everywhere from sailors' nightmares to Southern Cali. Meet the longest bony fish ever! See more »

  • Will I get sick if I eat barracuda?

    Will I get sick if I eat barracuda?

    Oooooh, barracuda! It's not just a Heart song -- it's also a dinner dish. But should you be as suspicious of this creature on your plate as scuba divers are of encountering it in the water? See more »

  • Angelfish


    Angelfish are a group of tropical fish known for the beauty and diversity of their coloration. See more »

  • Anglerfish


    Anglerfish is the common name for an order of marine fish, as well as for many species of the order. See more »

  • Barracuda


    The barracuda is a saltwater fish. There are several species. Best known is the great barracuda, found in the American Atlantic from Florida to Brazil. See more »

  • Batfish


    Batfish is a family of saltwater fish. There are about 30 species. A common species found in Caribbean waters is the longnose batfish. See more »

  • Damselfish


    The damselfish is the common name of a family of brightly colored marine fish. They inhabit coral reefs and rocky coastal regions of tropical waters. See more »

  • Flatfish


    The flatfish is a fish with a body greatly compressed from side to side, and with both eyes on one side of its head. See more »

  • Flounder


    Flounder is the common name of some species of saltwater flatfish. Like other flatfish, the adult flounder has both eyes on one side of its head, and it swims and rests with this side of its body up. See more »

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