10 Animals That Look Like Monsters

Squid ('Promachoteuthis sulcus')
The bigfin reef squid is almost as gross-looking as the Promachoteuthis sulcus version. Jones/Shimlock-Secret Sea Visions

If you think Dracula's fangs are creepy, take a look at the choppers on this squid, specifically Promachoteuthis sulcus. Its ghoulish-looking teeth — which some say look like an old guy's dentures — are found on its bottom side. Incredibly, they actually aren't teeth at all, but rather a set of lips covering its beak. (Yes, squid have beaks. But that's another story.) The marine animal, which (luckily) dwells far below the surface of the ocean, also has three rows of suckers on each arm [sources: Wild Facts, IFL Science].

Researchers don't know why Promachoteuthis sulcus has lips covering its beak, as only one specimen of this squid has ever been identified. It was captured by a German research vessel roughly 6,000 feet (1,829 meters) down in the murky depths of the southern Atlantic Ocean. The hijacked squid was a female child; its mantle, or the main part of its body, measured a mere inch (25 millimeters) at the time of its capture. So no one knows if mature Promachoteuthis sulcus stay relatively small, or if they grow monstrously large and even more freakish [sources: Wild Facts, IFL Science].