10 Animals That Look Like Monsters

Star-nosed Mole
The star-nosed mole got its name from its hideous proboscis. FLPA/Dembinsky Photo/Getty Images

The star-nosed mole wouldn't look nearly as monstrous if it weren't for its proboscis. Pink and fleshy, with 22 tentacles that give it its star appearance, plus two ominous-looking eyes in the center (which are actually nostrils), the mole's nose is more reminiscent of a tiny octopus than a celestial body. Luckily for the mole, its ugly snout is quite useful [source: Stromberg].

Star-nosed moles are blind, and their odd noses help them find and grab the insects, worms and small fish upon which they love to nosh. When approaching something interesting, the mole first begins probing it with its outer tentacles, technically called rays. Then its inner sensors determine whether the object is something tasty to eat. The mole's nose, incidentally, is one of the most sensitive touch organs around, with more than 100,000 nerve endings. Its snout is also filled with more than 25,000 sensory receptors that it uses to navigate its way through underground tunnels [sources: Stromberg, Nelson].

These rat-sized creatures lurk in the bogs and wetlands of Canada and the eastern U.S. [source: Stromberg].