Extinct Animals

Extinct animals are those species which are no longer living. This group includes prehistoric animals like dinosaurs and ice-age mammals, as well as moden species like the Dodo.

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Nearly Complete Tyrannosaur Skeleton Found in Utah

The American Southwest was once prime tyrannosaur country, as a newfound skeleton reminds us.

Velociraptors Likely Hunted Solo, Despite Pop Culture Depiction

Scientists are at odds about whether Velociraptors worked together to take down their prey.

Prehistoric Frog Had a Monstrous Bite

A new study found that the Beelzebufo frog had a bite strong enough to take down dinosaurs.

Prehistoric 'Hell Ant' Sported Metal Spike for Sucking Blood

Instead of a mouth, the hell ant had blades and a metal horn to catch its prey. Ouch.

New Study Sheds Light on How Plesiosaurs Used Their Flippers to Swim

A new study suggests the extinct aquatic reptiles used all four flippers for uniquely efficient underwater motion.

Why Did the T. Rex Have Such Puny Arms?

Tyrannosaurus rex was a giant predator that roamed the earth, so why did it have such tiny arms?

Why Won't Hollywood Depict Dinosaurs With Feathers?

Scientists generally agree that dinosaurs sported colorful, feather-like plumage. So do moviemakers lack imagination, or do audiences?

Boy Literally Stumbles Across Million-year-old Fossils During New Mexico Hike

Accidentally tripping on and discovering the fossilized skull of an extinct giant elephant seems like a 9-year-old's dream come true.

4-foot Flying Turkeys Roamed Ancient Australia

The megapodes were supertall, but that didn't keep them from taking flight.

World's Largest Dinosaur Footprints Discovered in Australia

The colossal footprints of an herbivorous dinosaur found in western Australia might belong to the biggest dinosaur ever.

This Mammalian Ancestor Was Also Earth's Earliest Venomous Vertebrate

When we think venom, we think cobras and vipers. But Euchambersia was a reptile, a mammalian ancestor, and venomous, according to new fossil analysis.

'E.T.' For Real? Newly Discovered 100 Million-year-old Insect Looks Like Alien

This insect's appearance and characteristics are so unusual, it has received its own scientific order.

Dinosaur Eggs Took Months to Hatch, Perhaps Contributing to Dino Doom

Based on some baby dinosaur teeth, scientists have figured out just how long dinosaur eggs incubated. (The answer? Long. Too long.)

Tiny Flying Pterosaur Find Reshapes Our Image of Prehistoric Skies

A recent discovery of the partial skeleton of a small pterosaur calls into question whether flying reptiles of the Late Cretaceous were all humongous.

Extinct Marsupial Lions Killed Prey in a Really Weird Way

The method this ancient carnivore employed is unlike anything we see in predators today.

World's Last Woolly Mammoths Were Killed by Thirst, Not Humans

A small island off the coast of Alaska supported a mammoth population until sea levels rose and fresh water sources shrank.

New Dinosaur Species Sported Uniquely Spiked Shield

Spiclypeus shipporum was a dinosaur that roamed Montana 76 million years ago, and its unique horn structures set it apart from other horned dinos.

Nutritious Dino Poop Greased the Wheels for Dung Beetle Evolution

Nature is one big interconnected system. Learn how flowers and dinosaurs helped the dung beetle appear on the planet.

Baby Titanosaurs Hatched With Adult Proportions, Still Pretty Darn Cute

A new analysis of Rapetosaurus fossils can shed light on how certain dinosaurs socialized and evolved.

Meet Gigantopithecus, the Extinct Giant Orangutan in 'The Jungle Book'

The character of King Louie gets a serious primate upgrade in the new Disney live-action-meets-CGI film. Did the ape also serve as inspiration for sasquatch and yeti?

New Clues to Why Bus-sized Giant Shark Megalodon Went Extinct

Scientists thought climate and ecological change was the culprit, but a new study suggests otherwise.

Just What Was the Tully Monster? New Science Finally Explains the Enigma

The mysterious aquatic creature lived 300 million years ago, and its fossils have stymied scientists for more than 50 years. New research solves some of the mystery.

Discovery of Horse-sized Dinosaur Sheds Light on T. Rex Evolution

The new dino discovery of Timurlengia euotica in Uzbekistan shows that Tyrannosaurus rex ancestors evolved smarts before they got large and took charge.

Dodo Birds: Maybe Not Complete Dummies After All

Centuries later, the flightless bird is finally getting some cred.