Sucker, the common name for a family of freshwater fish found chiefly in North America. Most of the 65 or so species have the word “sucker” as part of their name. Those not called sucker include buffalo fish, redhorses, jumprocks, and the quillback.

Suckers have long, toothless mouths with thick lips. They feed by sucking up small plants and animals from the bottom of the water. Suckers are sometimes caught by fishermen and although extremely bony are occasionally eaten. They spawn in spring, many species making spectacular spawning runs upstream. A common species of the United States is the white sucker, found east of the Rockies. It is olive brown and grows to about 20 inches (50 cm) in length.

Suckers make up the family Catostomidae. The white sucker is Catostomus commersoni.