10 Real Animals That Seem Make-believe

The dingiso is a close relative of this tree kangaroo (shown with her joey) in Indonesia. iStock/Thinkstock

Imagine a tiny black-and-white kangaroo that lives in trees, and you've got the basic description of the dingiso (Dendrolagus mbaiso). The animal, which resides in the mountainous rainforests of New Guinea, grows to as much as 2.5 feet (76 centimeters) in length, possesses a long tail, well-developed hindquarters and a habit of moving both its hind feet at the same time in a hopping gait, just like the bigger Australian kangaroos that we're all familiar with.

The dingiso sports curved nails and cushioned pads lined with rough skin on its large feet, which enable it to get a grip on tree trunks and branches, where it uses its long tail for balance as it climbs. Like the kangaroo, the female dingiso has a pouch on its abdomen, where its young ride as they suckle milk from one of its four breasts. Sadly, their numbers are declining due to loss of habitat, hunters and a low birthrate [source: Arkive].