Aquatic mammals such as whales and dolphins live and feed in the ocean. The Blue Whale is the biggest mammal on Earth.

Leopard Seal

Found Antarctic ocean and shores and occasionally along coasts of South America, the Leopard Seal can grow up to 12 feet and weigh as much as 990 pounds.

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    Amazing Animals: Marine Mammal Quiz

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    Amazing Animals: Walrus Quiz

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    Can manatees see underwater?

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  • Do whales and dolphins sleep?

    Do whales and dolphins sleep?

    Do whales and dolphins sleep? I know they have to come to the surface of the water periodically to breathe, so wouldn't they die if they dozed off? See more »

  • How Baleen Whales Work

    How Baleen Whales Work

    Bushy mustaches like the ones that Magnum P.I. or Super Mario sport are a bold fashion statement. But for baleen whales, they never go out of style. See more »

  • How can dolphins disarm sea mines?

    How can dolphins disarm sea mines?

    Dolphins and war? That seems like an unfortunate pairing. But the U.S. Navy has been training the gregarious sea creatures to spot sea mines since the 1960s. Are they good at it? See more »

  • How can whale vomit help me retire?

    How can whale vomit help me retire?

    If you're wandering through a thrift store and happen upon a large mass of some sort of waxy substance, take a closer look. It could be the rare "floating gold" of the sea: whale vomit. Find out whether cetacean upchuck can help you retire. See more »

  • How do walruses sleep in the water without drowning?

    How do walruses sleep in the water without drowning?

    Whether you're sleeping on a water bed or napping during a rainstorm, water has a calming effect. Walruses also make use of soothing waves, but why don't they drown when catching submerged shut-eye? See more »

  • How Narwhals Work

    How Narwhals Work

    What? You've never heard of a narwhal? Well, it's a cold-water-dwelling, deep-diving, vocalizing, halibut-munching wonder with its very own ivory crown. Did we mention its crazy tusk? See more »

  • How Walruses Work

    How Walruses Work

    Each year, thousands of male Pacific walruses pack the beaches of Round Island off the coast of Alaska. Is there a reason for this months-long male bonding? See more »

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