Marine Mammals

Aquatic mammals such as whales and dolphins live and feed in the ocean. The Blue Whale is the biggest mammal on Earth.


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Northern Right Whale

With only about three hundred to six hundred remaining, Northern Right Whales can weigh up to 180,000 pounds and are likely to be spotted in coastal waters.

Striped Dolphin

Found in all major oceans of the world, the Striped Dolphin, belongs to the Balaenopteridae and feeds on Krill, other planktonic species is and small fish.


In this comprehensive guide to mammals, you will learn about the Walrus including it's diet, behavior and much more.

West Indian Manatee

In this guide to the West Indian Manatee, you'll learn cool facts about its habitat, unique behaviors and it's converstation status.

How do walruses sleep in the water without drowning?

Whether you're sleeping on a water bed or napping during a rainstorm, water has a calming effect. Walruses also make use of soothing waves, but why don't they drown when catching submerged shut-eye?

Can manatees see underwater?

If you don't make it past that first "E" during your annual vision test, you might give bats a reprieve by calling yourself "blind as a manatee."

What happens to whales when they die?

Vindictive whales like Moby Dick sometimes give these giants of the sea a bad rap. But whales do a lot for their ecosystem, especially after they go to Davy Jones' locker.

How Narwhals Work

What? You've never heard of a narwhal? Well, it's a cold-water-dwelling, deep-diving, vocalizing, halibut-munching wonder with its very own ivory crown. Did we mention its crazy tusk?

What's the difference between a seal and a sea lion?

Dog shows aren't the only places you'll hear barking and clapping. Seals and sea lions welcome beachgoers with their uproarious get-togethers. But how do you tell the difference between the two?

How can dolphins disarm sea mines?

Dolphins and war? That seems like an unfortunate pairing. But the U.S. Navy has been training the gregarious sea creatures to spot sea mines since the 1960s. Are they good at it?

Why are orca called killer whales?

Some people call orcas the wolves of the sea, yet others want to swim with them. Why are these animals known as killers -- or are they just getting a bad rap?

How Baleen Whales Work

Bushy mustaches like the ones that Magnum P.I. or Super Mario sport are a bold fashion statement. But for baleen whales, they never go out of style.

Dolphin Pictures

Did you know that there are 37 species of dolphin? This dolphin image gallery depicts and handful of these species, including the bottlenose, dusty, false killer whale dolphin and more.

How Walruses Work

Each year, thousands of male Pacific walruses pack the beaches of Round Island off the coast of Alaska. Is there a reason for this months-long male bonding?

How can whale vomit help me retire?

If you're wandering through a thrift store and happen upon a large mass of some sort of waxy substance, take a closer look. It could be the rare "floating gold" of the sea: whale vomit. Find out whether cetacean upchuck can help you retire.

How Whales Work

Despite their monumental proportions, the most phenomenal thing about whales isn't how big they are: It's the way they live. Whales are mammals -- warm-blooded, air-breathing creatures -- but they spend their entire life in the ocean. Find out about these awe-inspiring creatures.

Do whales and dolphins sleep?

Do whales and dolphins sleep? I know they have to come to the surface of the water periodically to breathe, so wouldn't they die if they dozed off?