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Home Remedies for Cats With Hair Loss

Cat hair everywhere? Welcome to the world of cat ownership. However, too much hair loss can signal a problem. So, why do cats lose their hair? Check out this article to get the scoop on hair loss in cats.

Home Remedies for Cats with a Cough

Nobody likes to cough their brains out -- not even cats. So, when you find yourself with a coughing kitty on your hands, what's the best thing to do? Find out why cats get coughs -- and how to treat them -- in this article.

Home Remedies for Cats with Dandruff

Say what? Cats can get dandruff, too? Yep. But for them, those unsightly white flakes aren't a matter of vanity -- they're a potential health issue. What can you do to make your (flaky) feline friend feel more comfortable when dandruff strikes?

Home Remedies for Cats with Diarrhea

Some issues, like diarrhea, can be pretty serious. Why do cats get diarrhea, and what you do to help them when they're suffering from this unpleasant condition?

Home Remedies for Cats with Ear Mites

Cats are susceptible to all sorts of ailments and issues, including infestations. What exactly are these pint-sized ear invaders? And what can you do about them? Get some handy tips in this article.

Home Remedies for Cats with Fleas

It's easy to imagine a dog scratching frantically because he's got fleas, but cats are also susceptible to these nasty little critters. So, what's the best plan of action when your feline friends get infested?

How to Care For a Hamster

You bought your child a hamster but you don't know how to care for it. Read here to find out how to care for a hamster.

How to Measure a Horse for a Blanket

Many horse owners know they should get a proper-fitting blanket for their horse before the winter, but don't know how to measure their horse for a blanket. If you want to know how to measure your horse for a blanket, read this article.

How to Take Care Of a Hermit Crab

You have just received a unique gift, a pet hermit crab, and now you must learn how to take care of it. Keep on reading and you will learn how to take care of a hermit crab.

How to Tell If Your Rabbit Is Pregnant

You'd to know how to tell if your rabbit is pregnant. Find out here how to tell if your rabbit is pregnant.

How to Care for a Salamander

You just caught a salamander in your backyard and would like to care for it as a pet. Here's how to care for a salamander.

Can dogs get the hiccups?

Dogs get the hiccups just like humans do. Learn more about what makes dogs hiccup in this article.

How to Get Puppies to Stop Biting

You can get your puppy to stop biting by distracting him, ignoring him, providing positive or negative reinforcement, and teaching him alternative acceptable behaviors. Learn how get your puppy to stop biting from this article.

How to Care For a Dog's Dry Skin

There are many simple ways to care for your dog's dry skin. Learn how to care for your dog's dry skin from this article.

10 Great First Pets

Pets are a great way to teach children responsibility and how to be aware of the needs of others. But different pets work better in different households. How do you know if your family needs a dog or a hermit crab?

No More Muddy Waters: 5 Aquarium Cleaning Tips

Who doesn't like to look at a school of brightly colored tropical fish swimming serenely in an aquarium? But who wants to clean the glass and remove the fish waste and debris? We've got five fast tips to make cleaning the fish tank easier.

How Cats Work

Despite the long-lasting debate between dog loyalists and cat lovers over which species is best, there's no disputing the statistics that prove the cat is America's most popular pet. What makes the cat so popular?

10 Best Family Dog Breeds

A dog isn't just a pet -- it's a member of the family! Whether your brood is into vegging or hiking, there's a dog to complement your lifestyle and family dynamic.

Do all dogs dream?

As the expression goes, let sleeping dogs lie. But aren't you just a little curious about what's happening when your fast-asleep pup starts thrashing around and whimpering? Is your dog dreaming?

8 Green Pet Care and Cleaning Tips

Your furr ball deserves to have a clean pet bed or litter box. Check out these green pet cleaning tips to keep your pet pal smelling naturally fresh.

Tips for Introducing Your Pet to a New Baby

Know what to expect from your pet when you're expecting. Check out our tips before the big day arrives to ensure a smooth transition.

How does catnip work?

If you've ever placed catnip near a cat, you will notice that the plant causes the cat to react in an extremely unusual way. It will roll around and kick its legs. What is it in catnip that causes cats to have this reaction? Find out in this article.

How to Drive with Your Pet

Driving with your pet seems like a no brainer, right? You put your pet in the back seat, close the door and drive. While it seems simple enough, that's not always the case.

Can I take my pets on public transportation?

Public transportation can be convenient and cheap, but bringing a pet can make your trip cumbersome and costly. Luckily, many transport systems welcome pets.

Motorcycle Pet Traveling Guide

Imagine your pet on the open road -- motoring down the freeway with the wind in its fur. Doesn't it make you want to strap Fido or Fluffy to the back of your Harley-Davidson?