Pets make wonderful companions. Learn how to take care of pets, read about common pet behavior issues and injuries and pick up general pet care tips.

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Do pets suffer jet lag?

You might think your endlessly dozing pet is immune to the effects of jet lag, but you could notice it acting a little out of whack after a long leg of traveling. But does jet lag have the same effect on Fido as it does on you?

Uses for Vinegar: Pet and Animal Care

Vinegar is a mainstay when it comes to caring for pets and other animals. A variety of animals can benefit from a splash of vinegar. Learn how vinegar can be used for pet and animal care.

Uses for Salt: Pet Care

Salt can help you care for your household pets. Salt has many uses, from combating a flea infestation in your home to removing fishbowl deposits. Learn the diverse roles of salt for pet care.

Uses for Baking Soda: Pet Care

Baking soda is nontoxic and, therefore, safe for use around pets. You can control odors and clean up accidents that are a natural part of pets. Learn more about using baking soda for pet care.

How to Give First Aid to Your Dog

Seeing a dog hurt or in distress can be a helpless feeling for a pet owner. Be prepared for any emergency situation to help your dog. Learn how to give first aid to your dog.

Is chocolate poisonous to dogs?

My dog really likes chocolate, but my mother won't let me feed it to him. She says it will kill him. Does that make sense? If I can eat chocolate, why can't my dog?

Medical Treatment for Dogs

Knowing more about your dog's health is the best way to keep him safe and happy. Read on for more info about finding a good vet, preventing illness and treating canine diseases. Knowing these basics will give you piece of mind and a happy pup.

How to Train a Dog

The better you train your dog, the happier you'll both be. Dogs that behave earn more love and care from their owners, who are happier in turn. Read this dog-training primer.

How could a cat scuba dive?

Hawkeye: alias Scuba Cat. Known to don a $20,000 wet suit and follow her beloved friend, Mutley the dog, into the pool to scuba dive. Sound strange? Which part?

Pet Pictures

There are many common and uncommon types of animals that make for good pets, including dogs, bearded dragons and cockatoos. Check out these pet pictures to gauge which kind might suit your needs best.

Aquarium Fish Pictures

Unsure of which fish to buy for your aquarium? See some candidates of typical aquarium fish to help narrow down your options in this gallery.

How do cats purr?

Purring is how cats express happiness. Rather than manipulating facial muscles like humans, cats purr as a physical reaction to happiness. How exactly do cats make that purring noise? Find out the answer to that question in this article.

What Are Those Microchips That People Put in Their Dogs?

Some of my friends lost their dog on vacation. About a week after returning home, they got a call from their veterinarian — their dog had been found. They said it was because of a microchip in their dog. What are they talking about?

Dog Pictures

The relationship between people and dogs goes back at least 15,000 years, making dogs potentially the first animal to be domesticated. View this image gallery to get a sense of the variety of this canine species.

How to Treat Common Cat Diseases

Some people have the idea that animals carry all kinds of dangerous diseases. But the truth is, there aren't very many serious diseases you can catch from a domestic. Learn about common cat diseases.

Cat Pictures

Thinking of investing in a feline friend? House cats range in color, size, origin and more. Check out this cat image gallery to help you determine which breed you might suit your tastes best.

Can a dog really predict an epileptic seizure?

Animals are often credited with knowing when a thunderstorm is coming, but what about a physiological one? Can a dog warn you that you're about to have a seizure?

Housebreaking Your Pet 101

Learn how elimination works in the wild and why some animals are easier to housebreak than others.

How do dogs perceive time?

Leave your house for five minutes or eight hours and your dog will probably have the same wiggly response to your return. Do dogs sense the passing of time?

How many words do dogs understand?

We know dogs can decipher "sit," "stay" and "come." And we've seen the enthusiastic tail wagging that the word "walk" triggers. But what other words can dogs understand? Do they comprehend more than we know?

How to Solve Dog Behavior Problems

Dogs' behavior can be charming, but it can also be baffling. Here are several common canine behavioral problems and what you can do to understand and curb them.

Can owning a pet help you live longer?

Pets decrease our blood pressure, our cholesterol and reduce heart disease. And that's not all. Find out how dogs are even able to anticipate their owners' seizures and sniff for cancer.

All About Cat Shows

Is your feline show-cat material? Find out more about these quirky, noisy cat competitions and what happens when a spooked cat makes a run for it.

All About the Humane Society Fund

When most people think of the Humane Society, they imagine rows and rows of caged dogs and cats waiting for someone to adopt them and take them home. This isn't all they do. Find out in this article.

Is a dog really a man's best friend?

Dogs are known as loyal animals and have even saved the lives of their owners. But one dog's loyalty to his master touched the hearts of an entire nation.