Pets make wonderful companions. Learn how to take care of pets, read about common pet behavior issues and injuries and pick up general pet care tips.

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Dog Pictures

The relationship between people and dogs goes back at least 15,000 years, making dogs potentially the first animal to be domesticated. View this image gallery to get a sense of the variety of this canine species.

How to Treat Common Cat Diseases

Some people have the idea that animals carry all kinds of dangerous diseases. But the truth is, there aren't very many serious diseases you can catch from a domestic. Learn about common cat diseases.

Cat Pictures

Thinking of investing in a feline friend? House cats range in color, size, origin and more. Check out this cat image gallery to help you determine which breed you might suit your tastes best.

Can a dog really predict an epileptic seizure?

Animals are often credited with knowing when a thunderstorm is coming, but what about a physiological one? Can a dog warn you that you're about to have a seizure?

Housebreaking Your Pet 101

Learn how elimination works in the wild and why some animals are easier to housebreak than others.

How do dogs perceive time?

Leave your house for five minutes or eight hours and your dog will probably have the same wiggly response to your return. Do dogs sense the passing of time?

How many words do dogs understand?

We know dogs can decipher "sit," "stay" and "come." And we've seen the enthusiastic tail wagging that the word "walk" triggers. But what other words can dogs understand? Do they comprehend more than we know?

How to Solve Dog Behavior Problems

Dogs' behavior can be charming, but it can also be baffling. Here are several common canine behavioral problems and what you can do to understand and curb them.

Can owning a pet help you live longer?

Pets decrease our blood pressure, our cholesterol and reduce heart disease. And that's not all. Find out how dogs are even able to anticipate their owners' seizures and sniff for cancer.

All About Cat Shows

Is your feline show-cat material? Find out more about these quirky, noisy cat competitions and what happens when a spooked cat makes a run for it.

All About the Humane Society Fund

When most people think of the Humane Society, they imagine rows and rows of caged dogs and cats waiting for someone to adopt them and take them home. This isn't all they do. Find out in this article.

Is a dog really a man's best friend?

Dogs are known as loyal animals and have even saved the lives of their owners. But one dog's loyalty to his master touched the hearts of an entire nation.

Dog-Care Tips

Dogs are man's best friend for good reason: They're loyal, fun is and interesting. But dogs are complex creatures that thrive when under the care of a well-informed human being. Follow these dog-care guidelines.

Cat-Care Tips

Cats are among the most popular house pets, giving years of love and enjoyment to their owners. But they also require special care. Check out these simple cat-care tips.

All About Animal Shelters

Between 6 and 8 million dogs and cats need homes each year, but only about half of these animals are adopted. Learn how animal shelters work and how they differ from animal rescue organizations.

How to Care for a Dog

Dogs give their owners immense amounts of pleasure, but in return, there's a lot owners need to know to keep their pooches happy and healthy. In this article, we explain the vital basics of dog care.

How to Choose a Dog

If dogs are man's best friend, you still need to be well informed in order to choose the right one. Learn how to choose a dog.

How to Care for a Cat

You may have heard that cats have nine lives. That might not be true, but your cat can have a long, healthy life with the proper care. Learn how to care for a cat.

How to Solve Cat Behavior Problems

Is your cat turning your couch into confetti? Or your best carpet into a litter box? Maybe she's up on the table at mealtime. Learn how to solve cat behavior problems.

Bird-Care Tips

There are myriad birds that make good pets. In fact, birds are among the most popular house pets. But you must take care when choosing a pet bird and bringing it into your home.

Why do cats have whiskers?

Cats are known for having long whiskers. The whiskers are deeply rooted within the cats face. What purpose do they serve, though? Why do cats have whiskers and what are they used for? Find out the answer to this question in this article.

Diamond Tetra

A somewhat larger tetra, the diamond tetra reaches 2.5 inches and exhibits intense coloration when kept in a darkly aquascaped tank. Learn how to care for this exotic fish.

Freshwater Aquarium Fish

Choosing the right fish for a freshwater aquarium depends on a number of factors, including the tank's size, the fish's diet, and more. Our fish profiles will allow you to select the perfect blend of fish, no matter how large or small your aquarium.

How to Maintain an Aquarium

Simply put, fish don't like a dirty home any more than we humans do! Follow the tips in this article to keep your aquarium clean and cozy for your fish.

Black Neon Tetra

The black neon tetra is a peaceful and sociable fish that loves to swim in a school. Learn how to care for this type of aquarium fish.