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Bird-Care Tips

There are myriad birds that make good pets. In fact, birds are among the most popular house pets. But you must take care when choosing a pet bird and bringing it into your home.

Why do cats have whiskers?

Cats are known for having long whiskers. The whiskers are deeply rooted within the cats face. What purpose do they serve, though? Why do cats have whiskers and what are they used for? Find out the answer to this question in this article.

Diamond Tetra

A somewhat larger tetra, the diamond tetra reaches 2.5 inches and exhibits intense coloration when kept in a darkly aquascaped tank. Learn how to care for this exotic fish.

Freshwater Aquarium Fish

Choosing the right fish for a freshwater aquarium depends on a number of factors, including the tank's size, the fish's diet, and more. Our fish profiles will allow you to select the perfect blend of fish, no matter how large or small your aquarium.

How to Maintain an Aquarium

Simply put, fish don't like a dirty home any more than we humans do! Follow the tips in this article to keep your aquarium clean and cozy for your fish.

Black Neon Tetra

The black neon tetra is a peaceful and sociable fish that loves to swim in a school. Learn how to care for this type of aquarium fish.

Black Phantom Tetra

The black phantom tetra grows to two inches and is a hardy species that does well in both small and large groups. Learn how to take care of the black phantom tetra, no matter how many you choose to have.

How to Care for Aquarium Fish

If you've ever had a pet fish that died quickly, you may be surprised to learn that the normal lifespan of most aquarium fish is measured in years! Find out how to keep your fish alive and well in this article.

How to Choose Aquarium Fish

Often, hobbyists find themselves leaving a pet store with a fish that they just couldn't pass up without having any idea what it eats, how large it gets, or if it has any unusual care requirements. While it is always fun to acquire a new fish, doing it haphazardly can be disastrous and costly.

Aquarium Basics

Before you bring an aquarium home to house your new fishy friends, you'll need to know how they work, how to shop for one, and how to maintain your aquarium. Read this article to learn the basic steps to creating your aquarium.

How to Choose Aquarium Equipment

From design, to water filtration to the proper plants, there's a lot to know in order to set up a vibrant aquarium that will keep your fish healthy and happy. This article provides tips and advice on the many issues you'll face and the equipment you'll need to address them.

How to Set Up an Aquarium

Knowing how to set up an aquarium is vital to the survival of your freshwater fish. Learn the important initial steps of how to set up an aquarium.

Cardinal Tetra

Did you know that the type of water in your aquarium can affect how the cardinal tetra looks? Learn how to make this dazzling fish feel and look its best.

Glowlight Tetra

These fish get their name from their iridescent coloring that shows best in low light. Learn how to care for the glowlight tetra.

Head and Tail Light Tetra

The head and tail light tetra, also referred to as the beaconfish, races around the aquarium autobahn. Find a profile of the head and tail light tetra.

Black Tetra

The black tetra is a two-inch long fish that's easy to care for. Find out how, plus learn how these fish look their best in your aquarium.

X-Ray Tetra

The x-ray tetra is an excellent freshwater fish for first-time fish owners. Read about and see a picture of the fast-swimming x-ray tetra.

Bleeding Heart Tetra

The bleeding heart tetra is a deep-bodied tetra that grows to two inches and must be kept in groups. This fish is higher-maintenance than many others, but it's beauty may be worth the extra care.

Bloodfin Tetra

The bloodfin tetra is an excellent community species that grows to approximately two inches in length. Like most tetras, they are most comfortable in a group of six or more.

Red-Eye Tetra

The red-eye tetra likes to take a nip now and then at the longer fins of other fish. Read about the otherwise undemanding red-eye tetra fish.

Congo Tetra

Unlike many of the peaceful fish suited to an aquarium, the African Congo tetra likes to jump! Learn how to protect him and keep him happy in his aquarium.

Neon Tetra

The neon tetra needs no light show to sport its small multicolored body. Read more about the very popular and colorful Neon Tetra in this article.

6 Pets that Traveled Long Distances to Get Home

How lost dogs and cats find their way home is a mystery. The pets listed here each traveled great distances and reunited with their owners hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles away.

8 Top Dogs

Many people treat their dogs like people. Some of the dogs on our list of top dogs sure act like people! These dogs are noteworthy because of unique traits that set them apart from any other dog you can find. Check out all 8 top dogs here.

8 Famous Felines

Cats can be a bit snooty, but some felines have 'purr-fected' the art of charming the boots off the public. These cats can be found in everything from comic strips is animated features and even in the White House. Learn about 8 famous felines.