Cowbird, Cow Blackbird, or Cow Bunting, a type of blackbird found in North America. The bird is named for its habit of following cattle, eating insects flushed from the grass when the cattle graze.

The brown-headed cowbird is found from southern Canada south to Virginia, Louisiana, and Mexico. It is about eight inches (20 cm) long. The male is black with glossy brown feathers on the head; the female is dull gray. The bronzed cowbird is found from southern Arizona and New Mexico to Central America. It is bronze-black with bluish-black wings. It has red eyes.

Female cowbirds lay their eggs in the nests of smaller birds, such as songbirds. The cowbird eggs are then hatched by the foster parents along with the other eggs. The young cowbird is larger and more aggressive than the other young birds. It eats most of the food and has been known to push the smaller birds out of the nest.

The brown-headed cowbird is Molothrus ater; the bronzed cowbird, M. aeneus. Cowbirds belong to the family Icteridae.