Perching birds, or songbirds, are the most common birds on Earth. From cardinals to wrens, explore the different types of perching birds.


Catbird, the common name of members of three families of unrelated birds. The only catbird found in North America is the gray (or northern) catbird.

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  • Antbird


    Antbird is a nonmigratory bird of Central and South America. There are 50 genera of antbirds and more than 230 species. See more »

  • Bellbird


    Bellbird is a name given to several birds that produce bell-like notes. The white bell-bird, or campanero, of South America is the most common. See more »

  • Bird of Paradise

    Bird of Paradise

    Bird of Paradise is a tropical bird known for the brilliant plumage of the male. There are about 40 species of birds of paradise. See more »

  • Blackbird


    Blackbird is a robin-size bird of temperate regions. It has a thick, pointed bill for cracking seeds and nuts, its main sources of food. See more »

  • Bluebird


    Bluebird is a small North American bird of the thrush family. Its cheerful warbling of cher-weet, cher-weet has made it one of the most beloved of songbirds. See more »

  • Bobolink


    Bobolink is a North American bird related to the oriole and blackbird. The bird's name comes from its song, bob-o-lee, bob-o-link. See more »

  • Bowerbird


    Bowerbird is a bird native to Australia, New Guinea is and surrounding islands. The male builds an enclosure, or bower, on the ground. See more »

  • Bullfinch


    Bullfinch is a small bird of northern Europe related to the grosbeaks. It grows to five inches (13 cm) long. See more »

  • Bunting


    Bunting is any of several species of birds found in Europe is asia is africa is and the Americas. See more »

  • Canary


    Canary is a small finch. It is found wild off northwestern Africa, in the Canary and Cape Verde islands is and in Madeira. See more »

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