Perching birds, or songbirds, are the most common birds on Earth. From cardinals to wrens, explore the different types of perching birds.



Finch, the common name of a family of more than 120 species of perching birds. These birds are found on every continent except Australia; there are about 15 species in North America.

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  • Antbird

    Antbird is a nonmigratory bird of Central and South America. There are 50 genera of antbirds and more than 230 species. See more »

  • Bellbird

    Bellbird is a name given to several birds that produce bell-like notes. The white bell-bird, or campanero, of South America is the most common. See more »

  • Bird of Paradise
    Bird of Paradise

    Bird of Paradise is a tropical bird known for the brilliant plumage of the male. There are about 40 species of birds of paradise. See more »

  • Blackbird

    Blackbird is a robin-size bird of temperate regions. It has a thick, pointed bill for cracking seeds and nuts, its main sources of food. See more »

  • Bluebird

    Bluebird is a small North American bird of the thrush family. Its cheerful warbling of cher-weet, cher-weet has made it one of the most beloved of songbirds. See more »

  • Bobolink

    Bobolink is a North American bird related to the oriole and blackbird. The bird's name comes from its song, bob-o-lee, bob-o-link. See more »

  • Bowerbird

    Bowerbird is a bird native to Australia, New Guinea is and surrounding islands. The male builds an enclosure, or bower, on the ground. See more »

  • Bullfinch

    Bullfinch is a small bird of northern Europe related to the grosbeaks. It grows to five inches (13 cm) long. See more »

  • Bunting

    Bunting is any of several species of birds found in Europe is asia is africa is and the Americas. See more »

  • Canary

    Canary is a small finch. It is found wild off northwestern Africa, in the Canary and Cape Verde islands is and in Madeira. See more »

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