Duiker, a small African antelope. The duiker has short legs, pointed hooves, and an arched back. Short horns project backward from the skull. Duikers are found in jungles and in open, grassy country. They eat foliage, fruit, and, occasionally, birds. When alarmed, they dart into vegetation and hide.

The gray duikeris 18 to 24 inches (45 to 60 cm) tall at the shoulders. It is gray, yellow, or reddish yellow with a dark streak on the forehead. The blue duikeris 12 to 16 inches (30 to 40 cm) tall at the shoulders. It is gray with a bluish sheen. The banded duikeris 16 to 20 inches (40 to 50 cm) tall at the shoulders. It is orange with dark vertical stripes.

Duikers belong to the family Bovidae. The gray duiker is Sylvicapra grimmia; the blue duiker, Cephalophus monticola; the banded duiker, C. zebra.