Other Marine Life

Learn about some of the some of the most bizzare marine life under the sea, such as Sea Squirts, sponges and even Sea Monkeys.

Sea Spiders Pump Blood With Their Guts, Not Their Hearts

If you thought this underwater creeper looked heartless, you're actually not that far off.

Secret Alphabet of Squid Skin Due to Brains Totally Unlike Our Own

How squid brains process their external visual skin communication is fascinating, complex, and unlike anything in the vertebrate world.

Starfish Use Intricate Water Whorls as a Survival Mechanism

It's not easy being a starfish larva. Fortunately, the tiny creatures have an efficient way to get food and swim away.

Here's What Happens When You Swallow a Leech

It sounds crazy, but it's happened before, and it'll probably happen again.

All Mouth, No Anus: Microscopic Organism Could Be Oldest Human Ancestor

New fossil analysis details a microscopic organism from 540 million years ago that just might be a precursor to every vertebrate on the planet.

Scientists Capture First-ever Footage of Live Ruby Seadragon

The mysterious red fish, discovered and identified in 2015 and related to the seahorse, has finally been spotted alive in waters off Australia's coastline.

Scientists Finally Solve Mystery of Weird Mariana Trench Sound

Turns out that strange sound may be minke whales getting vocal in the deep ocean.

This Gorgeous New Sea Slug Species Needs a Name

Western Australia Museum is hosting a naming contest for this fascinating new nudibranch species.

Sea Monkey Superpowers Come With a Price

And that price is a tapeworm infection.

Can’t Open That Childproof Bottle? Ask an Amazing Octopus

Whether they're busting open a child-proof medicine bottle or prying apart Mr. Potato Head, octopuses have some crazy brains. Actually, they have nine of them.