Dogs are called man's best friend for a reason. Learn all about dogs, from choosing a dog to solving dog behavior problems to giving dogs first aid.

You can get your puppy to stop biting by distracting him, ignoring him, providing positive or negative reinforcement, and teaching him alternative acceptable behaviors. Learn how get your puppy to stop biting from this article.

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What are those microchips that people put in their dogs?

Some of my friends were on vacation at the beach and their dog ran off. About a week after returning home, they got a call from their veterinarian -- their dog had been found. They said it was because of a microchip in their dog. What are they talking about?

How to Train a Dog

The better you train your dog, the happier you'll both be. Dogs that behave earn more love and care from their owners, who are happier in turn. Read this dog-training primer.

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