Dogs are called man's best friend for a reason. Learn all about dogs, from choosing a dog to solving dog behavior problems to giving dogs first aid.

All dogs, regardless of breed or age, are susceptible to the flu. What do you need to know before you drop your pup off at doggie day care?

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When it comes to dogs, age really is just a number. If you've got the patience, you surely can teach an old dog some new tricks.

Kids and dogs usually love each other and you can strengthen that love by having your kids make their pet some tasty treats. We've got some easy recipes.

Kids and dogs go together like, well, PB and J. Add these fun games in to the mix and everybody's happy.

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The benefits of fostering can far outweigh the sadness of saying goodbye, but you have to set some boundaries first.

Most kids seem to be more active when their families own a dog, but that's just the beginning. Dogs provide children with a variety of health benefits.

Just because a breed of dog is categorized as "toy" doesn't mean it wants to be treated like a toy by your toddler. Are Maltese patient with children?

If dogs are man's best friends, should they spend as much time indoors as humans do? Read on to learn when your pup should -- and should not -- be kept indoors.

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Dalmatians are highly energetic and protective. They need owners that will stay active, so couch potatoes need not apply.

Can you teach an old dog new tricks? With clicker training, old and young pups alike will follow your commands, even if they've had behavior problems in the past.

Pick up dog food? Check. Take doggie to the vet? Check. Perform regular exams to gauge his health? Yep, you can do that, too. Find out how in this article.

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