Dogs are called man's best friend for a reason. Learn all about dogs, from choosing a dog to solving dog behavior problems to giving dogs first aid.

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A dog isn't just a pet -- it's a member of the family! Whether your brood is into vegging or hiking, there's a dog to complement your lifestyle and family dynamic.

As the expression goes, let sleeping dogs lie. But aren't you just a little curious about what's happening when your fast-asleep pup starts thrashing around and whimpering? Is your dog dreaming?

Seeing a dog hurt or in distress can be a helpless feeling for a pet owner. Be prepared for any emergency situation to help your dog. Learn how to give first aid to your dog.

My dog really likes chocolate, but my mother won't let me feed it to him. She says it will kill him. Does that make sense? If I can eat chocolate, why can't my dog?

Knowing more about your dog's health is the best way to keep him safe and happy. Read on for more info about finding a good vet, preventing illness and treating canine diseases. Knowing these basics will give you piece of mind and a happy pup.

The better you train your dog, the happier you'll both be. Dogs that behave earn more love and care from their owners, who are happier in turn. Read this dog-training primer.

Some of my friends were on vacation at the beach and their dog ran off. About a week after returning home, they got a call from their veterinarian -- their dog had been found. They said it was because of a microchip in their dog. What are they talking about?

The relationship between people and dogs goes back at least 15,000 years, making dogs potentially the first animal to be domesticated. View this image gallery to get a sense of the variety of this canine species.

Animals are often credited with knowing when a thunderstorm is coming, but what about a physiological one? Can a dog warn you that you're about to have a seizure?

Leave your house for five minutes or eight hours and your dog will probably have the same wiggly response to your return. Do dogs sense the passing of time?

We know dogs can decipher "sit," "stay" and "come." And we've seen the enthusiastic tail wagging that the word "walk" triggers. But what other words can dogs understand? Do they comprehend more than we know?