Endangered Species

Endangered species are animal popluations that are at risk of extinction. Natural extinctions do occur, but human beings play an integral role in animal extinction and preservation.

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Scientists finally find a mate for a captive Bolivian frog that was thought to be the last of his species.

By Jesslyn Shields

A new study reports that the U.S. Endangered Species Act has helped marine mammal and sea turtle populations to significantly regenerate.

By Patrick J. Kiger

Frogs are like the canary in the coal mine for the state of the environment. And the bad news is they are not doing well.

By Jesslyn Shields


The Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE) Reptiles List includes 100 reptiles, including the punk rock Mary River turtle, that have lineages dating back to the Age of Dinosaurs.

By Jesslyn Shields

Panda populations are flourishing, and that's good news. But with the threats of infrastructure and livestock, can that trend last?

By Jesslyn Shields & Talon Homer

People flock to zoos to see pandas, lions and monkeys — the ones often referred to as "charismatic megafauna." They also attract a lot of donations. But is there a downside to making some creatures the stars of the animal show?

By Alia Hoyt

Social media couldn't save Cecil the Lion. But the outrage at his death may be helping save other endangered animals and species.

By Karen Kirkpatrick


The coelacanth is a real-life case of the living dead (well, kind of). The massive prehistoric fish was close to being left for extinct — until one was found in 1938. What makes this ancient creature so significant?

By Melanie Radzicki McManus

These fish are some of the most endangered in the world. Overfishing and consumer demand are just two of the reasons they may not be around for much longer.

By Nicole Gugliucci

Shark finning and the dangers of this practice are explained in this article. Learn about shark finning and the dangers of shark finning.

By Jaymi Heimbuch

You'd like to know how to help protect endangered species. This article will tell you how to help protect endangered species.

By HowStuffWorks.com Contributors


Nothing strikes up an image of the Old West like bison roaming the open plains. But the demand for fur nearly annihilated this species. So how did bison survive?

By Cristen Conger

Bald eagle conservation became crucial in saving America's national symbol. Read on to learn more about bald eagle conservation efforts.

By Cristen Conger

According to a study published in Friday's issue of the journal Science, there will be no seafood left to catch by 2048.

By Julia Layton

The World Wildlife Fund is a forefather of conservation and a plays a major role in actively saving the Earth. Read on to learn more about the World Wildlife Fund.

By Robin Brett Parnes