Flying Lemur, also called Colugo, or Cobego, a tree-dwelling mammal of southeast Asia. The flying lemur is about 22 inches (56 cm) long, including a 14-inch (36-cm) tail. The silky fur is gray or brown with white spots on the back. The flying lemur has small ears and large eyes.

The animal glides and leaps, but does not actually fly. A broad, furred membrane extends from its neck almost to the tip of its tail, and along both sides of each limb. The membrane serves as a gliding wing when the animal moves from tree to tree. The flying lemur can glide up to 200 feet (60 m).

The flying lemur feeds at night on buds, leaves, and fruit. During the day it sleeps in a tree hollow or suspended by all fours from a tree branch.

The flying lemur is not a true lemur but is a member of an order intermediate between shrews and bats. There are two species, the Philippine flying lemur and the Sunda flying lemur.

The Philippine flying lemur is Cynocephalus volans; the Sunda flying lemur, C. variegatus.