Scientifically-speaking there are 11 mammal groups, and most Mammals are warm-blooded, have body hair, give live birth and nurse their young with milk from mammary glands. Check out these articles about all kinds of mammals.

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New Study: Monkeys Can Drive Robotic Wheelchairs Using Thought Control

Researchers developed technology that allows monkeys to maneuver around in robotic wheelchairs, using only their thoughts to navigate. That has implications for humanity.

SeaWorld Ends Orca Program

The current orcas residing at SeaWorld will be the last generation housed there.

There's a River Full of Monkeys in Florida — And Not in a Theme Park

Feral monkeys have roamed Silver Springs State Park in Florida since the 1930s.

Things Are Looking Up for the Adorable American Pika

As the climate changes, some pika populations may die out, but others will flourish. A new study examined what's likely to happen in eight U.S. National Parks.

Decoding Wolf Dialects

A study finds wolves howl differently depending on the species.

Anatomy of an Orangutan Murder

"The Jinx." "Making a Murderer." And now, orangutans? Why this female-on-female ape killing took researchers by surprise — and reads like a human true-crime drama.

The Only Wild Jaguar in the U.S. Has Finally Been Filmed

Motion-sensing cameras, detailed maps and a special poop-detecting dog all played a part in finding the jaguar nicknamed "El Jefe."

Climate Change Threatens Snow Bunnies, Making Camouflage a Liability

The white winter coat of a snowshoe hare protects it in the winter, but evolution can't keep up with a rapidly changing climate and shortening snowfalls.

Well, Yeah. Zebra Stripes Aren't for Hiding.

When it comes to zebras, humans have a lot of questions. Why can't we ride them? What are the stripes for? Turns out some scientists may have just answered that last one.

Scientists Solve the Weird Physics of How Bats Land Upside Down

What do bats have in common with ice skaters and one-legged ducks? The answer to that helped illuminate one perplexing thing about the flying mammals.

Sarah the Cheetah, the World's Fastest Land Animal, Has Died

Breaking multiple records, Sarah set speeds never matched by any other animal. She was euthanized earlier this week by the staff at the Cincinnati Zoo, where she lived.

Bison Embrace Democracy, Often Following Female Leaders

Groups of European bison make movement and grazing decisions by popular vote, choosing to follow or ignore potential leaders' suggestions.

Kangaroo Anthropomorphism Crushed by Mother Nature

Once more, humanity's attempts to view other animals as human lands us in a difficult spot, as this week's widely circulated photo of a "grieving" kangaroo illustrates.

Should We Worry About Apes Learning to Use Handguns?

Pop culture has depicted chimps and other primates as both gun-wielding villains and saviors, but should humans be concerned about the possibility of armed apes?

It's the Eye of the Tiger… and the Gator, the Deer, the Housecat

A new study shows how animal's pupils have evolved to help them survive in their ecological niche as predator or prey.

Frozen Sperm Is Saving These Ferrets

Can endangered species be saved with insemination from the Great Beyond?

Elephants Can Learn to Sniff Out Landmines

Creatures from pachyderms to bees are better than humans at detecting scents.

Do bats jam each other's sonar?

Some bats are messing with their neighbor's sonar to throw them off the track of food.

HowStuffWorks Interviews: Deadly Viruses and Bats with Jessica Parilla

Bats can spread deadly human diseases. Join Lauren as she interviews a virologist about the powerful immune systems of these fascinating creatures of the night.

Do rhinos really stomp out fires?

Afraid your formerly humble bonfire has grown a little out of control? Never fear: Your trusty rhinoceros firefighters brigade should be along to stomp it out at any moment. At least, that's the legend. But is there any truth to it?

Are cheetahs clones of each other?

Cheetahs share so much DNA that they're practically clones of one another. But what does this mean for the future of the species?

Are monkeys superstitious?

Monkeys share a lot in common with us, but are they just as superstitious? We know that have the ability to gamble, but is it deeper than just a game to them.

Do dire wolves exist?

As fans of George R.R. Martin's "Song of Ice and Fire" series know all too well, a person encountering a dire wolf will likely end up in dire straits. But while these fearsome beasts make for great fiction, do they have any grounding in reality?

How good is an elephant's memory?

They say an elephant never forgets, but there's no need to put such unattainable expectations on the poor creature. After all, everyone forgets something at some point. Here's a better question: How much can an elephant remember?

Did people initially think the duckbill platypus was a hoax?

Ah, the duckbill platypus: the creature so strange it's said to be cobbled together from a bin of spare animal parts. With its odd appearance -- and even odder abilities -- it's no surprise the creature was once dismissed as an elaborate hoax.