Macaw, one of a large group of brilliantly colored parrots found in tropical rain forests from Mexico to South America. There are 17 species of macaws, the largest of which, the hyacinth macaw, reaches a length of 40 inches (1 m). Macaws have bare cheeks; long, pointed wings; strong feet; long tail feathers; and a large, hooked bill that curves downward. They are usually red and blue, red and green, or green and yellow. One of the most vividly colored macaws is the scarlet macaw, which is a popular zoo bird.

Scarlet macawsScarlet macaws are brilliantly colored, popular zoo birds.

Macaws generally travel in pairs but also gather in flocks. They feed chiefly on nuts, fruits, and seeds. The female lays two to four white eggs in a nest in a hollow tree. Macaws are easily tamed. Several species are in danger of extinction due to poaching and loss of habitat.

Macaws belong to the family Psittacidae. The hyacinth macaw is Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus; the scarlet macaw, Ara macao.