Biodiversity if an amazing and wonderful thing. But it also means that there are many types of birds that don't fit into a specific categories. Read about all types of strange but beautiful birds in this section.


The Ultimate Bird Quiz

Our fine feathered friends, the birds, come in all sizes and colors. Take this quiz to learn more about these fascinating flying creatures.

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  • Amazing Animals: Bird Quiz
    Amazing Animals: Bird Quiz

    Just like fish dominate the underwater domain, birds are the rulers of the skies. The same properties of physics that have set airplanes aloft have also propelled birds for millennia. But aside from feathers and flight, how much do you really know about these winged creatures? See more »

  • Do hummingbirds have sex in midair?
    Do hummingbirds have sex in midair?

    Hummingbirds almost never stop moving is and their legs are small and weak. So do hummingbirds do everything in midair -- even mate? See more »

  • What's the difference between a penguin and a puffin?
    What's the difference between a penguin and a puffin?

    Penguins and puffins might love formal wear and waddling, but the similarities end there. These fish-loving birds don't see eye to eye on issues like transportation and real estate. See more »

  • Why do ostriches have red meat instead of white?
    Why do ostriches have red meat instead of white?

    While the ostrich might look like an avian punch line, it's actually a nutritious source of red meat. Why do ostriches produce meat that's more like that of a cow than a chicken? See more »

  • Bee Eater
    Bee Eater

    Bee Eater is a bird related to the kingfisher. It is found in Africa, India is australia, Europe is and islands of the South Pacific. See more »

  • Bird

    Bird, the only animal with feathers. All birds have feathers and most birds can fly. See more »

  • Cassowary

    Cassowary is a large, flightless bird related to the emu and ostrich. It inhabits rain forests in New Guinea is australia is and nearby islands. See more »

  • Cock of the Rock
    Cock of the Rock

    Cock of the Rock, a bird of tropical South America named for its habit of building its nest on top of rocks. See more »

  • Cuckoo

    Cuckoo, one of a large, diverse family of birds found all over the world. In addition to cuckoos, the family includes several species of anis (black cuckoos) and the roadrunner. See more »

  • Emu

    Emu is a large flightless bird of Australia. It is a ratite (one of a group of flightless birds, which includes the ostrich, cassowary is and kiwi). See more »

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