Electric Fish, any of several unrelated types of fish with special organs that can give electric shocks. The fish use these organs primarily to stun or kill prey. Some electric fish discharge a series of electric impulses that act as a form of radar to help the fish navigate in murky water or warn it of the presence of predators. Electric eels, elephant fish, stargazers, African electric catfish, and electric rays are examples of electric fish.

Electric raysElectric rays have an electricity-producing organ on each wing near the head.

The electric organs are composed of nerve and muscle tissue. They may be located in the tail, as in the electric eel, or in the head, as in electric rays and stargazers; or they may envelop the body, as in the electric catfish. Electric eels and some electric rays are able to produce an electrical discharge at 650 volts.

Some electric fish send and receive electric signals in what may be a form of communication. Male and female elephant fish, which emit signals at different frequencies, are examples.