Beaver, the largest North American rodent. Beavers also are found in parts of Euope and Asia. Beavers live in woodland ponds, lakes, and streams. They are related to the gopher, marmot, chipmunk, and squirrel.

BeaversBeavers use their sharp teeth to cut down trees.

North American Beavers live mostly in the Rocky Mountains and in northern Canada. Scattered colonies are also found near Lake Superior and in Maine. Due to extensive trapping their range has been reduced. However, they have been reintroduced in some areas and the populations are thriving.

Facts in brief about beavers
Names: Male, none; female, none; young, kit or pup; group, family or colony.
Gestation period: About 3 months.
Number of newborn: 2 to 4.
Length of life: About 12 years.
Where found: Asia, Europe, North America.
Scientific classification: Beavers make up the beaver family, Castoridae. The North American beaver is Castor canadensis. The European beaver is C. fiber.