Caracal, a member of the cat family,nativeto Africa and the warmer parts of Asia. It is reddish-brown with white underparts, and its ears are tufted with long black hairs. The caracal is a very powerful and fierce animal, somewhat larger than a fox.

What Can a Caracals Ears Tell You?

A caracal is a golden wild cat that lives in dry regions from Africa to India. A caracal has large black ears. Like a lynx, a caracal has long tufts of hair at the tips of its ears. A caracals ears look striking. And like the ears of other cat-family members, the caracals ears also give clues about what the animal is feeling or ready to do.

When a caracal is watching or listening to something, its ears are stiff and point straight up. When a caracal is resting, its ears are relaxed, pointing forward and out. If a caracal is frightened, it flattens its ears straight back against its head. When a caracal is ready to attack, it turns its ears toward its back, but it does not completely flatten them.

The caracal is Felis caracal of the cat family, Felidae.