Scientifically-speaking there are 11 mammal groups, and most Mammals are warm-blooded, have body hair, give live birth and nurse their young with milk from mammary glands. Check out these articles about all kinds of mammals.

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How do walruses sleep in the water without drowning?

Whether you're sleeping on a water bed or napping during a rainstorm, water has a calming effect. Walruses also make use of soothing waves, but why don't they drown when catching submerged shut-eye?

Why do rhinos charge anything unfamiliar?

Those of us who wear glasses will just stew in our own astigmatic juices if we're called "four eyes." Nearsighted rhinos, however, use their pointy horns for payback.

How does a hippo make its own sunscreen?

If you hate slathering on sunscreen, be happy you don't have to use the mucuslike variety that hippos rely on. Although hippos produce their own sunblock, they're out of luck with towels.

What's the difference between a bobcat and a lynx?

The bobcat and lynx may not be much larger than your house cat lounging on the couch, but these felines rely on specific adaptations to survive in the wild.

What's the best way to remove porcupine quills?

Porcupines know nothing of bad hair days. These walking pin cushions use their prickly "hairs" to impale any animal that may pose a threat to their well-being.

What's the difference between an anteater and an aardvark?

If your home has termites and the exterminator is booked, you might want to send in an anteater or aardvark. Though both these animals love insects, they're two totally different species.

Why is wombat scat shaped like a cube?

Perhaps just as puzzling as the Rubik's Cube (though not as colorful), the purpose of wombat scat's geometrical shape seems mysterious. So what's the scoop on wombat poop?

Why are sloths so slow?

Ever since word spread about the seven deadly sins, sloths have been getting a bad rap. These sluggish tree-dwellers conserve energy by stopping to smell (and eat) the roses.

If a skunk sprays me, do I have to bathe in tomato juice?

If you've been sprayed by a skunk, you probably ended up in a bathtub filled with tomato juice. But is there any truth to this treatment, or should we debunk the skunk?

How long can a camel go without water?

As issues like drought make headlines, the topic of water conservation has become critical. Perhaps we should look to the camel for guidance as this desert-dweller saves every last drop.

Could a platypus poison me?

If Mother Nature has a sense of humor, surely the platypus is one of her punch lines. This mammal might look funny, but one of its offensive adaptations is no laughing matter.

Why do warthogs have warts?

Storybook villains always seem to have warts. These unsightly growths may be indicators of wickedness in the fairy-tale world, but they're crucial features for some hogs living in the animal kingdom.

Why Do Raccoons Wash Their Food?

With their built-in masks and ability to snatch food, it seems raccoons were meant for a life of crime. But do these thieves wash away the evidence by rinsing food in water?

Mammal Pictures

Mammals are a ubiquitous and diverse class of animals. Learn all about mammals, including hippopotamuses, killer whales, sugar gliders and more, by viewing this mammal image gallery.

Can I catch plague from a prairie dog?

Prairie dogs may look cute and cuddly, but are these rodents harbingers of deathly plague? Since there aren't any underground pharmacies in prairie dog towns, will disease wipe out these animals?

Why do gorillas build new nests every night?

Besides our genetic similarities, gorillas also share our love of getting a good night's sleep -- except that their alarm clocks come in the form of dangerous predators and poachers.

Do moose really walk the streets of Alaskan cities?

If Bullwinkle had made the move up north, he would have felt right at home. Though moose in Alaska don't have squirrel sidekicks, they do take advantage of their urban surroundings.

Why are otters playful?

If the animal world were school, otters would be those kids who never leave the playground. Always begging for five more minutes of recess, otters take playtime very seriously.

Marsupial Pictures

Marsupials are mammals that commonly bear a pouch such as kangaroos and koalas. Did you know that two thirds of marsupial species are found in Australia? Find out more by viewing this marsupial image gallery.

Can manatees see underwater?

If you don't make it past that first "E" during your annual vision test, you might give bats a reprieve by calling yourself "blind as a manatee."

Are orangutans introverts?

Orangutans might be the most low-key of the world's apes, but that doesn't mean they don't like to socialize. So are these redheads miscast as loners, or are orangutans introverts?

Why do cougars scream?

If you come across a cougar, you might scream in fear. So if this predator could easily devour you, why might it harmonize your screech with its own tone-deaf shriek?

What happens to chimps used in medical research?

Their genetic similarity to humans makes chimps great subjects for medical research. But some countries are banning this research because these apelike similarities are a little too close for comfort.

Does panhandling kill black bears?

Although Yogi Bear thinks he's smarter than the average bear, he might not be using his brains when snatching picnic baskets. Does panhandling have more serious consequences than just extra calories?

How do leopards kill animals larger than they are?

With powerful jaws, massive paws and piercing claws, the leopard is built for hunting. But how can this cat possibly take down animals three times its size?