Scientifically-speaking there are 11 mammal groups, and most Mammals are warm-blooded, have body hair, give live birth and nurse their young with milk from mammary glands. Check out these articles about all kinds of mammals.

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How do gazelles use body language?

Avoiding eye contact is a form of body language (and a sign you're probably lying). Gazelles might not use body language to lie, but they do rely on it to survive.

Why do tigers swim?

When cats go swimming, is it still considered doggy paddling? Tigers might not be invited to your next pool party, but they sure do love taking a dip.

Does a deer have exactly enough brains to tan its own hide?

It takes brains to tan leather is and we're not just talking keen intellect and skill. Sometimes that soft, supple feel of leather literally comes from using the old noggin.

What happens to whales when they die?

Vindictive whales like Moby Dick sometimes give these giants of the sea a bad rap. But whales do a lot for their ecosystem, especially after they go to Davy Jones' locker.

How Narwhals Work

What? You've never heard of a narwhal? Well, it's a cold-water-dwelling, deep-diving, vocalizing, halibut-munching wonder with its very own ivory crown. Did we mention its crazy tusk?

What is a lone wolf?

Loners might seem intriguing, but they lead dangerous lives -- a least those in the wolf world do. Lone wolves are outsiders, relying only on themselves to survive without a pack.

Could a fungus cause the extinction of bats?

Riddle me this: Why are bats showing up dead with a white powder streaked across their faces? Could a poorly understood fungus wipe them out? To the bat cave, readers!

Can chimpanzees learn human language?

So far, "Planet of the Apes" is pure fiction. But are chimps capable of learning human language (and eventually taking over the world)?

Why do kangaroos hop?

Million-dollar endorsement deals or a sneaker named the Air Roo aren't in the cards for kangaroos. Since these animals can't play in any Final Four championships, why do they hop?

How do reindeer find enough food in the tundra?

These reindeer won't find any candy canes or fruitcake buried in the frozen tundra. So how do these animals find enough food to sustain them through such extreme weather?

Do elephants never forget?

Elephants have amazing memories and are known to hold grudges for years against those who have wronged them. So, be careful who you're calling Dumbo.

Do Japanese monkeys season their food?

Animals may not have access to spice racks, but does that mean they don't enjoy flavorful meals? Have Japanese monkeys discovered the joy of cooking, or is this a culinary myth?

Why are wolves making a comeback in the United States?

Plagued by negative images and slanderous tales, wolves could use the help of a good publicist. Will positive news like wolves help strengthen the ecosystem override age-old fears and misconceptions?

Do wolves really howl at the moon?

What's a full moon without the howl of a wolf echoing in the background? Are wolves really howling at the moon or just talking among themselves?

Can you live safely among wolves?

Wolves are wild predators and could kill your beloved Fido for a tasty meal. But will these animals come after you, or do they prefer a drama-free neighborhood?

What is a wolf pack mentality?

The leader of the pack doesn't always lead a doomed existence like in the Shangri-Las song. A wolf pack's leader and other members follow defined roles, creating a strong, devoted group.

Wolf Image Gallery

Wolves may be a close relative of man's best friend, but we wouldn't recommend trying to befriend these wild canines. Check out this wolf image gallery to learn all about different wolf species and their habits.

Big Cat Pictures

This big cat image gallery shows you a wide variety of these carnivorous felines. From the well known tiger and lion to the lesser known serval and margay, learn about these big cats and their relatives.

Are zebras black with white stripes or white with black stripes?

Though some things aren't always black and white, zebras remain the exception. These animals are known for their classic colors, but are zebras black with white stripes or white with black?

If a giraffe's neck only has seven vertebrae, how is it so flexible?

A good portion of a giraffe's height comes from its statuesque neck. But how do these lanky creatures get their necks in such pretzel-like positions?

Is there such a thing as a man-eating lion?

The king of the jungle has been known to salivate at the sight of a tasty human. But are these stories of lions wreaking havoc on people in Africa true?

What makes a cheetah run so fast?

Any animal that can go from zero to 40 mph in three strides must have a very specialized body. Why can cheetahs run so fast, and how does their ability make them vulnerable?

Do horses with broken legs have to be shot?

Never wish a jockey good luck by saying "break a leg." Horses with broken legs might face a grim future, but does that mean they must stare down the barrel of a shotgun?

Do koalas smell like cough drops?

If you can get past a koala's pungent scent of urine and mating-musk, you might detect a faint hint of cough drops. Why do koalas smell like they'd clear out your sinuses?

What's the difference between a seal and a sea lion?

Dog shows aren't the only places you'll hear barking and clapping. Seals and sea lions welcome beachgoers with their uproarious get-togethers. But how do you tell the difference between the two?