Animal Facts

Learn about some of the strange and unusual facts and terms in the animal kingdom.

How Aquaculture Works

Where do we get all the fish and other seafood that we eat? How do fish farmers keep up with the heavy demand?

Connecticut Becomes First State to Appoint Legal Advocates for Abused Animals

Connecticut new "Desmond's Law" is the first in the nation that appoints legal advocates in animal abuse cases.

Skeletons and Mummies Litter the Shores of Antarctica

Mummified seals. Skeletal penguins. Massive whale bones. Antarctica is a weird and wonderful place.

Poop Duration for Mammals Averages About 12 Seconds, New Study Finds

What do mammals have in common? We're warm-blooded. We feed their young with milk. And we all take the same amount of time to defecate.

Do Animals Have Different Blood Types Too?

Do non-human animals have equivalent categories to our A, B and O blood designations? Can animals donate blood?

How the Beagle Brigade Works

The Beagle Brigade is an important part of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The dogs are trained to sniff out fruits, foods and plants in international passengers' luggage as they arrive in the airport terminals.

Can Animals Experience Culture Shock, Too?

Twins pandas born at Zoo Atlanta were sent to China and are reportedly having a hard time adjusting. But is that culture shock or something else?

Can Animals Get Sunburned?

Whether through biology or behavior, nonhuman animals have to avoid sun damage just like we do.

Pets Satisfy Kids More Than Their Siblings Do, Study Suggests

Pets might have more to do with a child's psychological well-being than previously thought, and moreso than even their brothers and sisters.

How Tardigrades Work

No, a tardigrade's not a type of time-traveling police box on "Doctor Who." It's an ancient water bear, of course!

These Awesome Animals Got Celebrity Names in 2016

From musicians to politicians, a bunch of famous folks can now say they have entire species named in their honor.