It isn't hard to imagine the world full of dinosaurs, even though these extinct animals haven't walked the earth for millions of years. Learn all about dinosaurs, including early dinosaur discoveries, dinosaur fossils, and dinosaur extinction.
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Edmontonia would not have made an easy meal for a hungry tyrannosaur. It had a heavily armored body and large, forward-pointing shoulder spines. Learn more about Edmontonia, Late Cretaceous dinosaurs and dinosaurs of all eras.

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Heterodontosaurus is a small plant eating dinosaur that most likely walked on its hind legs. An unusual feature on this dinosaur is a pair of tusks that probably helped with eating. What else do we know about this tiny dinosaur?


A recently named armored dinosaur, Denversaurus is based on a badly crushed skull from South Dakota. No other parts of the skeleton have been found, so it is difficult to estimate how long or heavy the animal was. Learn more about the Denversaurus.

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