It isn't hard to imagine the world full of dinosaurs, even though these extinct animals haven't walked the earth for millions of years. Learn all about dinosaurs, including early dinosaur discoveries, dinosaur fossils, and dinosaur extinction.
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Shamosaurus is one of the oldest known ankylosaurs. It lived about the same time as the nodosaur Sauropelta. Learn more about the Shamosaurus and other Late Cretaceous dinosaurs.

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In 1914, Barnum Brown of the American Museum of Natural History collected a nine-inch-long skull and some foot bones from the Judith River Formation in Alberta. It was named Dromaeosaurus, which means "running reptile." Learn more about the Dromaeosaurus.


Dryptosaurus is the only carnivorous dinosaur from the East Coast of the United States based on more than a single bone. The partial skeleton was discovered more than a hundred years ago by workers in a quarry in New Jersey. Learn more about the Dryptosaurus.

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