It isn't hard to imagine the world full of dinosaurs, even though these extinct animals haven't walked the earth for millions of years. Learn all about dinosaurs, including early dinosaur discoveries, dinosaur fossils, and dinosaur extinction.
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One of the most common sauropods of the Late Jurassic was the Camarasaurus. It was a large, 25-ton plant-eater was strong and massive, with powerful legs and a strong neck and tail.

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Bagaceratops rozhdestvenskyi was a small protoceratopsian with a big name: "baga" is the Mongolian word for "small," "ceratops" means "horned face," and the species name is in honor of Russian paleontologist A. K. Rozhdestvensky. Learn more about Late Cretaceous dinosaurs.


One of the most unusual duckbilled dinosaurs in the Late Cretaceous was Brachylophosaurus ("short-ridged reptile"). This hadrosaurid was discovered and named by Charles Sternberg of Ottawa, Canada, in 1953. Learn more about the Brachylophosaurus.

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